DEI Programming, Strategic Planning, and Climate Studies


DP provides ongoing support to colleges and businesses in their efforts to address issues of diversity, equity, inclusion, and culture and determine how the climate of the organization influences student, faculty, administrator, and staff experiences.

Identifying, understanding, and evaluating attitudes and behaviors is critical for providing a healthy, comfortable, respectful, and productive campus or work environment. In these challenging and disruptive times, we must increase engagement and become 'agents of change'.

To create a welcoming and affirming environment with the right support structure, we need to speak with each other and clarify priorities and issues. DP can reinforce these efforts with our DEI seminars, our climate studies, and our strategic planning, all of which are tailored to the specific issues and population of the organization.


Rena Cheskis-Gold, founder and principal of Demographic Perspectives, along with Dr. G. Christopher Hunt, practitioner and researcher in Diversity, Equity, Inclusion and Student Life, are spearheading this programming for colleges by providing professionally facilitated online and in-person programming.


Our sessions and campus assessment initiatives provide an opportunity to incorporate expert-led DEI programming into your undergraduate and graduate student orientations, first-year seminars, and ongoing student affairs work. The discussions they generate will aid in raising awareness about racism, our conscious and unconscious biases, and the impact of a diverse student body on the campus community.

Whether new students are enrolled to study in person or online, colleges and universities will need to re-conceptualize many of the activities they had planned for new student orientation as well as student affairs programming. The new world paradigm of COVID-19 and social distancing requires the reimagining of many aspects of the student experience, the current political and social environment where social justice and racism have come to the foreground means that it is all the more critical to address issues related to DEI. Students must learn to listen to each other without ego or defensiveness.

DP and Dr. Hunt offer topics that will add significant value and enable staff and faculty to set the right course for the important work of diversity, equity, and inclusion in your community and on your campus.

Our expertise as researchers allows the option for sessions to be analyzed and summarized in an article, suitable for publication in communicating with parents, families, or prospective students, on the institution’s website, on social media platforms, or as a static or dynamic part of student orientation materials.

Our DEI programming can also be used to engage and support diverse and inclusive learning communities within renovation or new construction projects on various campus buildings, including residential complexes, cultural and student centers.

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