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Since 1995, Demographic Perspectives has helped its clients by providing custom demographic, survey, market research and related communication services for strategic and physical planning purposes. Our clients span colleges and universities, pre-K-12 independent schools, architects, planners and engineers, real estate consultants, developers, nonprofits, businesses, and government agencies.

We have been involved at every stage of a planning process, from goals and visioning, to data collection and analysis, to project communication and public outreach, and to project evaluation.



We have special expertise in conducting data-driven studies that guide residential planning, master planning and post-occupancy assessment at colleges and universities. Our analyses are used for short and long-term policy decisions, renovations and new construction. We address the policy and programming aspects of the facility as well as the student, faculty, and staff experience via housing, residential life, and dining.

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We support colleges and businesses in their efforts to address issues of diversity, equity, inclusion, and to determine how the climate of the organization influences student, faculty, administrator and staff experiences. Identifying, understanding and evaluating attitudes and behaviors is critical for providing a healthy, comfortable, respectful, and productive campus or work environment. To create a welcoming and affirming environment with the right support structure for racial, ethnic, cultural, and gender identity, we need to listen to each other, clarify priorities and issues, and use this understanding to form the building blocks for our future.

DP can reinforce these efforts with our DEI seminars, Climate Studies, and DEI strategic planning, all of which are tailored to and focused on the specific issues and population on the campus and in the organization.

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By providing a program with feedback on its performance, we can focus on what and how a program is contributing to the learning and development of participants as a group and individually. Many organizations are required by their funders to evaluate their programs on a regular basis and we can assist. Our program assessments use empirical evidence to evaluate and identify gaps in learning outcomes, align the programs with best practices, and make informed decisions about curriculum, program effectiveness and success.

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